apartment renovation

apartment renovation

apartment renovation in central Israel by Hadekel Renovations.
Hadekel has extensive experience in renovating apartments.
We have many projects in the center of the country that we have done on a high level.
Working with architects, engineers and construction and renovation supervisors.

Renovation of an apartment in Tel Aviv in Israel with one of the leading renovation companies in the center.
The Dekel Renovations is a renovation company that has given it its motto: "Reliability Above All".

Complete renovations and prices on the site are updated on this site.

Apartment renovation in the center

Renovating an apartment is a very complex process since it includes a variety of professions such as:
Plumbing, electricity, flooring and cladding, gypsum works, kitchen installation, bathroom renovation and more.

Renovation of an average apartment takes a month and a half +
There are many stories about customers who have followed up with their home renovation for over 4 and 6 months.
Which should not happen in any way even if the renovation is very large.

Renovation projects in a period of half a year are very exceptional and reasonable only if they are commercial projects or villa renovation including various additions

Therefore, check that you are choosing an experienced renovation contractor who also stands in time and does not renovate the renovation.

Renovation apartment pictures

apartment renovation
apartment renovation
apartment renovation
apartment renovation