Renovation contractor

Renovation contractor

dekel karavani an experienced renovation contractor with lots of years of experience and hundreds of projects carried out.
Works performed in part with engineers and architects.
The Dekel company is renovating from professional and first-class businesses in order to provide the customer with high levels of finish without problems after renovating an apartment.

Renovation contractor
Renovation contractor

Renovation contractor recommended in the center

The company is also engaged in smoothed concrete work with a team of over 25 years of experience.
From concrete slabs of sizes of 10 square meters to 500 square meters.

All renovations are planned before grace with a detailed work plan and detailed quantities written
Which will also be used in the future for the financial conduct of the renovation, in which the expected payment times are recorded.

Renovations: The Dekel Renovations in the Interdisciplinary Center Secondary expertise:

Paving works and development works

Works of art in plaster

Works sanitary Acoustic ceilings

Aluminum works installing synthetic turf

Heavy-duty construction works, Construction of decks and pergolas

Light construction interior and exterior doors

Gluing ceramic tiles

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